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Three treehouses in Spain that make you drool...

Treehouses that make you drool


Sharing the beauty of living in a treehouse. That was the goal of Luís Mulio Sanches, owner of three great high level properties in West Spain, close to the Portuguese border. Read more>> 

Treehouse, built to honor late father, in danger

Treehouse Orange County


Before the fateful accident, Jack Chen had promised his sons that they would undertake to build a treehouse together. It was time spent bonding and something for them to enjoy and cherish always. Now that dream is in danger. Read more>>


Hipster treehouse inspiring creativity in London

Hipster treehouse london


Offices are boring, treehouses are awesome. So why not create an awesome office space 'treehouse style'... That's what these guys thought, and thus created this amazing Londong treehouse work space. Read More>>


Booka launches first global treehouse rental platform


New treehouse rental website


Really cool places to stay, ensuring you have a great story to tell once you get home. That’s what the rental platforms of are all about. So they launched! Read more>>