Treehouse was built to honor father

Memorial treehouse in Orange County has to disappear


When we lose someone in our lives, the only way to keep them present is to keep them in our hearts and honor their dreams and aspirations. That is exactly what the Chen family did when they lost their father to a surfing accident in 2014. At the young age of 37, the father of two children was taken without forewarning, leaving behind projects left undone and life not lived.


Before the fateful accident, Jack Chen had promised his sons that they would undertake to build a treehouse together. It was time spent bonding and something for them to enjoy and cherish always.



'The perfect way to commemorate his spirit'

After his death, the children knew the perfect way to commemorate their father, and to finish something for him that he could not finish himself. His family had a treehouse erected in his honor. This was not just any tree house; this was a living memorial that they spent a hefty price to pay. Not only in emotional outpouring but in cost. When all was said and done, they spent a small fortune of sixteen thousand dollars to build the treehouse that their father would have been overjoyed with.


Orange County treehouse


Government red tape

The Chen family was shocked to learn that not only was the treehouse not to code but also that it would be demanded to be taken down. Not having pulled the property permits to have it built, they are being forced to dismantle the final gift that they had to give to their father. The final project pulled together that their father’s presence was not only felt, but where he lived on, is slated to be destroyed unless something is done.


Standing their ground

Orange County has not been swayed by the family’s appeal to their demand. Sticking to their guidelines, they are not willing to budge or to find a solution to keep the living monument in place. So what can you do? You can contact the office of building within Orange County and make your plea to allow this family to grieve in the best way they can. Healing is going to be a tough road, made even more so if they are forced to see the treehouse that they found so much hope in also taken. All it takes is a community to stand up for what is right. Take the time today to fight for the memory of Jack Chen and to allow his children to honor him the best way they know how by voicing your opinion today.