Great crazy place to work

Hipster treehouse inspiring creativity in London

If you are like most of us outdoor enthusiasts, the thought of sitting at a desk from nine to five is tantamount to torture. Sure, we all have to work for a living, but must it be in such mundane surroundings? Fear not, there are places springing up all over the UK that are bringing new inspiration to work forces.

If you thought that your company was open to workplace innovation, consider the potential to hang out as a kid in a tree house all day. Daydreaming is not the only thing that goes on in this adult-sized tree house. Business is conducted here, the kind that has the company striving. Check out the short BBC documentary about this great, crazy treehouse office in London.

Out of the box, into the tree

A certain segment of the population just isn’t personally satisfied with the daily grind. That is why the option to try something new is so appealing. No more business suits and cubicles, many organizations are benefiting from letting their individuality shine. Giving people the option to enjoy their workday with something new and exciting, it is increasing productivity and job satisfaction to boot!

Hipster treehouse London 

It only starts with tree-houses….

When someone starts a trend, there are always those who are out to outdo them. If you thought a treehouse was fun and creative, it doesn’t stop there. Many workplaces are reaching new heights, sailing through the doldrums and encouraging those who work for them to think outside of the box. What can make someone dream bigger, expand their horizons more, or want to create something from scratch than being in a place that reminds them of all the things they loved when they were a kid. Return an adult to childhood and you unleash their imagination. Don’t get stuck thinking there is only one way to earn a living. Quite literally, there are millions upon millions. You may want to check them out today.

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