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Booka launches first global treehouse rental platform


Really cool places to stay, ensuring you have a great story to tell once you get home. That’s what the rental platforms of are all about. And it’s safe to say that a treehouse is one of the coolest places imaginable. As a kid at least, but everybody should have a bit of that kid inside, isn't it? For all those kids out there, young or old, there's!


With the dream of facilitating vacation rentals in the coolest niches imaginable, we aim to create the most complete rental platform for treehouses. Whether the treehouse has a back-to-basic, off-grid feeling, or a unique luxurious vibe, guarantees to give you the best option.



Always a story to tell


A treehouse can be adventurous, romantic, solitary, eco-friendly, or even scary: sleeping in one gives you a memory you won’t easily forget. That is what is all about; creating memories so you will always have a story to tell!


The most amazing treehouse rentals


Houseboat and lighthouse rentals now offers three types of accommodation for a unique stay. The first platform,, offers only the finest floating properties around the world. Gently rocking on the waves, your holiday will immediately become one to never forget. The second,, has a unique selection of lighthouse accommodations where you sleep on the most incredible off-grid locations. After the successful launch of the first two platforms, the third platform solely for treehouses was inevitable! From luxurious treehouses in Thailand, to basic adventurous treehouses in Normandy; has them all! When renting a treehouse on, you can combine a vacation close to nature with the comforts of a modern-day hotel.


Treehouse France


Best quality properties


With now three niches covered, Booka Rentals aims to become the preferred provider of the best quality properties within all our active niche markets. Quality listings, excellent costumer care, and easy bookings, is what makes Booka Rentals a top player within the vacation rental market. And stay tuned, because they've actually just begun!