Treehouses in Spain that make you drool

We found these truly inspiring treehouses in Spain

Sharing the beauty of living in a treehouse. That was the goal of Luís Mulio Sanches, owner of three great high level properties in West Spain, close to the Portuguese border. Apart from the great houses in the woods, there’s a lot more to enjoy. Amazing nature, great hiking and even kayaking in the water below.

By definition, treehouses are exotic. Not just places for boys to meet or to escape the reality of boyhood - tree houses are housing individuals and families around the world. The construction of a tree house is not only complex; you have to be creative in both your design and your planning. For those who are ready to make their way from land dwelling to tree scraping, we will discuss these three inspiring treehouses in the midlands of Spain. They will get your inspirational juices flowing and your creativity outpouring for your devising endeavors.

Treehouse 'what dreams are made of'

Treehouse Spain Cáceres

This Spanish Treehouse in the woods is truly what dreams are made of. One of the most awe-inspiring views on earth, it is nestled in the woods of Musgo. It is one of the most creative dwellings we could fine. Standing two meters from the ground, you get a bird’s eye perspective of all that you survey. Close to adventure and activities, the key to this beautiful feat of amazingness is that it has all the conveniences of home in a dream location.

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Breezy Treehouse Cáceres, Spain

Breezy Treehouse Cáceres Spain

Five meters from the safety of ground, this tree constructed in an old oak is etched into the countryside of the woods. Just big enough for two to four people, it has all the luxuries of modern living in exotic surroundings. A balcony that is to die for, it is the most amazing place to wake up and get your first sip of Joe to get your day started. 

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Forest Treehouse in Cáceres, Spain

Treehouse Spain Cáceres

This house for five is one of the most secluded living spaces that we can feature. It is a bare bone basic home that has more of a “rustic”, or “rough” feel. Whether you are a bird watcher or just like to look out over the lush woods that abound, the scenery is spectacular. If connecting with nature is your overall goal of treehouse-living, this house puts you right in the thick of it. 

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No matter what inspires you, building a treehouse can be both fun and liberating. Seeing the world from a different perspective, a treehouse can give you a new lease on life.