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Treehouse rental Greece - 2 treehouses

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Rental from $246 Per night
Rental from $98 Per night
Know a treehouse owner in Greece? Invite him / her and earn €200.
Know a treehouse owner in Greece?
Invite him / her and earn €200.
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Thinking about Greece? We recommend a treehouse for your stay!

The land of Gods and goddesses, historic ruins, azure seas, and stunning beaches - Greece is a destination that captivates the imagination. But imagine experiencing this captivating country not from a typical resort or a city hotel but from a secluded treehouse nestled among olive groves or overlooking the Aegean Sea. Renting a treehouse in Greece offers a unique and exhilarating perspective of this mythical land, blending the allure of nature with the charm of Greek hospitality.


Set in various locations across the country, treehouses in Greece offer an intimate gateway to explore the country's diverse landscapes. Perched high among the leafy canopies, these treehouses serve as serene retreats where the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots give way to the soothing rhythms of nature. Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, the cool breeze rustling through the leaves, and the gentle rays of the sun seeping in through your window.


Within the comforting confines of your Greek treehouse, you're likely to find a charming mix of rustic elements and modern comforts. Traditional Greek aesthetics blend seamlessly with contemporary amenities to create a homely and comfortable environment. From fully equipped kitchens to cozy reading nooks, these treehouses are designed to make you feel at home amidst the treetops.


The fun truly begins when you step out of your treehouse. Depending on your location, you can spend the day hiking through olive groves, exploring ancient ruins, or enjoying the pristine beaches. As the day winds down, return to your treehouse for a quiet evening on your private deck, perhaps with a glass of world-renowned Greek wine, soaking in the breathtaking views of the starry sky.