Extraordinary Island Treehouse

Situated near an eclectic theme park on the borders of Poland and Germany, the Inselbaumhaus gives of an 'otherworldly' vibe that adventurous souls will be sure to love.

Out on the balcony
  • Out on the balcony
  • A peek inside
  • The four poster canopy bed
  • Dining area
  • That's one cozy bed
  • The water closet
  • Out on the balcony
  • A peek inside
  • The four poster canopy bed
  • Dining area
  • That's one cozy bed
  • The water closet
  • The bridge to Inselbaumhaus
  • A view from afar
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Treehouse summary

If it’s uniqueness you’re after, then it can’t get more different than Inselbaumhaus. Nestled up an oak tree within an adventure theme park that is beyond conventional, this treehouse is a mix of culture, art, and nature. So in here, you’ll find oddly-shaped pillows and windows, furniture that don’t seem to match, and an eclectic collection of rugs and linens. And add all that to the tent fabric the walls are made of, then you’ve got a cabin that is truly out-of-this-world.

Treehouse description

Despite its strange design, Inselbaumhaus is still quite sturdy and comfortable. It has large wooden beams to hold it up and a cast iron stove to keep it warm.

In addition to that, it has a cozy canopy bed that’s good for two and two additional single beds up on the loft. It really might seem small from the outside, but in reality, it is big enough for two adults and two children.

With regards to the bathroom, it has its own water closet with a dry toilet and a wash basin. On the other hand, the showers are out on the grounds since the treehouse’s shape and size can’t allow it to have one. But still, all your basic necessities can be covered.

Furthermore, it has a dining area both inside and outside of it – all of which has a great view of the river outside and the surrounding area on which it is located.

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Treehouse highlights

  • Perched Up on a Tree Over a River

  • Located Near an Adventure Theme Park

  • Has a Very Unique Design

  • Access to Many Exciting Activities

  • Perfect for Couples or Families

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