Carpathian Treehouse

"Treehouses are like snowflakes, each one is unique" Pete Nelson

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Treehouse summary

Our tree house is designed for everyone who likes nature, would like to try, how it is to spend time during the day. Writing on the terrace or at night sleeping near trees at an altitude of almost 6 meters. We invite you to rest and “recharge the battery” in the unique atmosphere of the Little Carpathians. Youth, the elderly, families with children or couples – everyone is welcome. During your stay in our treehouse, your neighbors become squirrels, forest birds: titmouse, woodpeckers, cuckoos and other, stag beetle, salamanders, grass snakes, hedgehogs and seasonally skylights.

Treehouse description

Our Carpathian Treehouse is installed on four adult oaks, which were previously prepared by arborists (dry branches have been removed or trimmed).

A wooden bridge leads directly to the terrace with a view of the surrounding trees. The house is connected to the electricity grid. Water is supplied in containers and is used for hand washing and basic hygiene. Dry toilet is available 15 meters from the house.

Inside our treehouse there is a chair and a sofa bed, basic kitchen equipment (electric kettle for water, plates, cutlery, etc.), a place for hand washing. The attic is reserved for sleeping (mattress for 2 people) where you can climb on the ladder.

The whole interior looks very nice and cozy, perfect for two people but due to the sofa bed downstairs, 4 people can be accommodate as well. In the close and safe distance from the treehouse there is a barbecue / fireplace with a table and a seat. The car park is located in a fenced, forest property where the house is standing.

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Treehouse highlights

  • Wonderful view around the treehouse

  • Lots of lovely animals around you

  • Unique design treehouse

  • Perfect location to recharge your inner battery

  • Very nice and cozy place

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