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Tree house Ramona

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Treehouse summary

This eco-friendly Tree house. Matjazeva ponudba with a small kitchenette (running water) equipped with a stove, seating area. In the price also house on the floor Fairytale wooden house by Ljubljana. Treehouse has really fast internet. Refrigerator and water running water with shower and toilet and very fast internet. Nature reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves immunity.

Regarding your expectations please note that you will be surrounded by forest and fields.

Treehouse description

The space
I'm happy to invite you to my eco-friendly TREE HOUSE with a small equipped kitchenette and a lovely sitting area, bedroom, internet, big tv ,shower and toilet.
In the price also house on the floor with external bathroom (jakuzzi) located in the house below . The fairy tale tree house located in a beautiful forest and a hike away to spectacular Taborska Cave! See the pictures below. You could get there by foot as well which would take only 10 min walk or alternatively you can use my bikes and enjoy the ride. Look forward to hearing from you and let your fairytale holiday begin!

Accommodations that are created, they are made from natural materials (wood, straw, earth, stone, wax, ...), which are found in the vicinity and are therefore best suited for the place of residence.

Tree house is in the top 20 tree houses in the world! Im so proud! 

The following is included in the price:

-Bed covers 
-Tourist tax
-a welcome food –for breakfast
-very fast wireless internet 
-washing maschine (for clothes)
-massage bath (jakuzzi)

I built it with LOVE!
Treehouse "Ramona" I built for all seasons. Winter spring, summer, autumn
In the old days, when we still lived in closer contact with nature were homes still much smaller, but still comfortable, nice, dry and regulated. Serve as a man instead of a man serving him, as is happening today.

Treehouse, which I have built is for lovers, enthusiasts of open windows in love with nature, beautiful views and freedom.
It also means cheap, if not free home that you can afford each. If such a man leaves home, with time itself recycled, composted, That kind of freedom is no trash in nature.

When I built the house I followed: 
- Use old materials, renewable eco-
- The choice of natural materials 
- The entire house is made of wood and has nice surroundings and nature-tree
- A positive attitude towards nature-trees, purity and preserving ... 

Tree house made from natural materials-wood in a natural environment. 
The use of wood is environmentally friendly and can not cause ecological disasters. House is brown green (like a house which owns the mom) and does not interfere with the surroundings. 
,,,socializing with their peers, friends, deter them from computers - computer games, the same time encourage the attitude to nature, authentic games and learn about nature and a return to traditional values-talk , sincerity, order in nature, a healthy environment, clean air ....
The house I built for my nephew Vid.

The idea of living in a tree stems from religion, philosophy and mythology of ancient 
peoples from ancient Egypt to China and Central America. 
The tree is like an emanation of the very magnificent. Because of their size, strength, length 
and the diversity of life forms constitute the subject of endless inspiration and 
admiration. With roots in the earth and branches in the air represents the physical link between heaven and earth (and symbolic link between heaven and hell). 
The tree is a strong role model, an inspiration for the creation of ancient building structures; 
without trees probably would not be without pillars are not temples in early architecture. tree 
represents a model of Gothic architecture. 

Nature is the most complete and creative designer. Therefore, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration artists, designers and architects, who always resort to imitation 
these priceless creations. I created a work of art tree house "Ramona"

The wall of the house draws attention to the problems of forests. The satellite imagery is clear that all disappearing faster largest forest in the world, the Brazilian rain forest. He also called the lungs of the planet, as produces more than 20 percent of oxygen on Earth.

In Ramona care that:
- save energy
- care for cleanliness
-waste classified
-positive vibrations
-the house has high energy which was measured with professional tools and therefore serves as a exceptional healthy place to strengthen your own energetic vibe.

As it has been said in Ramones song :"Too though to die."
-Meditional enviroment for everyone who needs "escape" from reality. Find your inner peace in this beautiful, stunning place.
- Let your heart beats in the natural rhythm of the tree brother and sister Julia and Jacob.
-The house will accepted you with its charm, warmth and arms and heart wide open.
- Breathe with nature, be aware that we depend on nature, not technology!

This is just some of the reasons why I built TREE HOUSE RAMONA
special thanks goes to Stefano JANAR, Sedat Dzefarovski, Maja Volaj, Lojz-kawboy, Rafael, Luke, neighbor Andrej S, Zivkovic Family (Sircelj) Without you, Maki and Ramona would not laugh

- Electricity is available in the house
- There is running water
- oven, coffe maker, smal fridge, toilet, shower
- the price includes jacuzzi and toilet, situated 5 metres away in the main house.
- big plazma tv with many channels available
- big coffe table on African drum.
- big terasse with picturesque view
- nice red main door. with historical background from old citizens.
- Vent for hot days
- even the little smell of seaside has found its way to that house, on the ground you can found seashells putted around the tree. There is 12 shells to energetically established the perfect energy even in the numerological way.
- nature and the perfect "feng shui" accomodation is feeled in every detail, you absolutely would not regret your decision to plan your holidays here.
- Tree branches on the walls are specially filled with energy. You must visit the place to feel her magic.
Near the tree house 5 another building where you can use Jakuzzi, or .and its include in the price.

Breathe with nature, be aware that we depend on nature, not technology!
Please check also samo rules:)

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Treehouse highlights

  • Tv with 120 chanells

  • 2 trees oaks

  • Free internet

  • Good energy

  • A small kitchenette toilet running water

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