The Owl's Mirror Treehouse

An amazing sleeping accommodation on a high level - literally!

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Treehouse summary

Welcome to this incredible treehouse, with amazing views over its natural surroundings. Whether you sit outside on the comfortable terrace, or you look out the glass-stained windows; you will have a unique experience! When the wind blows the tree rocks gently with the creaking sound of leaves on the background, and you can wake up to the singing of birds.  The accommodation is basically self-catered, but you can also order a nice breakfast at the price of € 12,50 per person!  

Treehouse description

The treehouse is completely safe and insulated, built with environment-friendly products and sleeps a maximum of two guests. Small children are not allowed, and in the months July and August, no children at all! There is a small kitchenette with a small inventory. There is electric lighting and heating. The fridge is located centrally on the terrain.  Modern and clean sanitary facilities are also located on the terrain, just a short walk from the treehouse. If you want to get a little bit closer to the ground, there are many nice spots in the surroundings you can check out, like the flower-gardens or the terrace near the water.  

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Treehouse highlights

  • Amazing terrace with views

  • Incredible surroundings

  • One-of-a-kind experience in nature

  • Completely insulated and eco-friendly

  • Nice cozy feeling for two guests

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