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Plitvice Holiday Resort II
Rental from $313 Per night
Idyll Hut
Rental from $73 Per night

Idyll Hut

France, Les Epesses 2 Sleeps, (New treehouse)

Carpathian Treehouse
Rental from $134 Per night
Fairytale tree house Ramona
Rental from $108 Per night

Fairytale tree house Ramona

Slovenia, Ljubljana 3 Sleeps, (New treehouse)

La Mère
Rental from $158 Per night

La Mère

France, Pèalouse 4 Sleeps, (5)

Beach House
Rental from $254 Per night

Beach House

Costa Rica, Limon 5 Sleeps, (2)

Nature Villa KÄBI
Rental from $591 Per night
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Plitvice Holiday Resort
Rental from $313 Per night

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The Enchanted Treehouse Farm

go ahead and order breakfast.. it's amazing!!

Amanda, the United States

Two Treehouses in One

Utterly enjoyable stay.

Rune, Denmark

Garden House

It were an amazing three nights. Beautiful location with a beautiful garden (close to the beach) and the Garden House had everything you needed. The beds were really comfortable too. The owner and staff were really helpful and friendly as well. So it was everything you needed to make your Costa Rica adventure complete. Pura Vida!

Jeffrey, the Netherlands

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Co-Founder Bookatreehouse.com

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Treehouses in Spain that make you drool

Treehouses in Spain that make you drool

We found these truly inspiring treehouses in Spain Sharing the beauty of living in a treehouse. That was the goal of Luís Mulio Sanches, owner of three great high level properties in West Spain, close to the Portuguese border. Apart from the great houses in the woods, there’s a lot more to enjoy. Amazing nature, great hiking and even kayaking in the water below. By definition, treehouses are exotic. Not just places for boys to meet or to escape the reality of boyhood - tree houses are housing individuals and families around the world. The construction of a tree house is not only complex; you have to be creative in both your design and your planning. For those who are ready to make their way from land dwelling to tree scraping, we will discuss these three inspiring treehouses in the midlands of Spain. They will get your inspirational juices flowing and your creativity outpouring for your devising endeavors. Treehouse 'what dreams are made of' This Spanish Treehouse in the woods is

Great crazy place to work

Great crazy place to work

Hipster treehouse inspiring creativity in London If you are like most of us outdoor enthusiasts, the thought of sitting at a desk from nine to five is tantamount to torture. Sure, we all have to work for a living, but must it be in such mundane surroundings? Fear not, there are places springing up all over the UK that are bringing new inspiration to work forces. If you thought that your company was open to workplace innovation, consider the potential to hang out as a kid in a tree house all day. Daydreaming is not the only thing that goes on in this adult-sized tree house. Business is conducted here, the kind that has the company striving. Check out the short BBC documentary about this great, crazy treehouse office in London. Out of the box, into the tree A certain segment of the population just isn’t personally satisfied with the daily grind. That is why the option to try something new is so appealing. No more business suits and cubicles, many organizations are benefiting from let

Treehouse was built to honor father

Treehouse was built to honor father

Memorial treehouse in Orange County has to disappear   When we lose someone in our lives, the only way to keep them present is to keep them in our hearts and honor their dreams and aspirations. That is exactly what the Chen family did when they lost their father to a surfing accident in 2014. At the young age of 37, the father of two children was taken without forewarning, leaving behind projects left undone and life not lived.   Before the fateful accident, Jack Chen had promised his sons that they would undertake to build a treehouse together. It was time spent bonding and something for them to enjoy and cherish always.     'The perfect way to commemorate his spirit' After his death, the children knew the perfect way to commemorate their father, and to finish something for him that he could not finish himself. His family had a treehouse erected in his honor. This was not just any tree house; this was a living memorial that they spent a hefty price to pay. Not only in emotional outpo